Managed IT Services

Leveraging the Power of the Cloud…

Office 365 Solutions

 We deliver a range of Office 365 services for SMBs such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Teams. Office 365 allows companies to collaborate and work remotely like never before.

Cloud Migration

AltrueTECH specializes in migrating business systems into the cloud. Cloud solutions typically offer higher value for business critical data compared to on-premise solutions.

Azure Cloud Computing

Azure solutions offer SMBs the ability to use data and compute services fully in the cloud. It also provides robust capabilities on an as needed basis offering unparalleled value.

Systems Integration Services

Bring your world together…


We design and build sound systems for your home, office, church, or school. Audio is the most important component to any media system, and we make it a priority to deliver system with the best sound possible.


We design and build home theaters, restaurant entertainment systems, conference rooms, and surveillance control centers. Good video is a crucial element of modern media centers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best.


We implement the best control systems into our designs to allow easy centralized management of any AV system. Simplicity and elegance (i.e. minimizing unnecessary button strokes) is our specialty!


Web Development

Leveraging the Power of the Internet…

Website Design

 We design websites for local businesses in the San Diego region. Our development process takes all the legwork out of creating a beautiful website that will impact your customers.


AltrueTECH’s proven search engine optimization consulting service will give you an exact outline on how to beat your competition and rank on the first page for your key search phrases.

Website Hosting

We offer web hosting for our clients to take care of every aspect of the web development process. AltrueTECH also offers data hosting solutions for a variety of business needs.

About AltrueTECH

We are a Design, Build, and Management technology company…

AltrueTECH is a Managed IT Service Provider and Low-Voltage Cabling Contractor. We provide the expertise of designing and building technology solutions and networks as well as possessing the skills to actively managing those same solutions.

There are five things you can always expect from AltrueTECH:


We will complete the job to the exact specification agreed upon. You will be serviced by a trained professional who is knowledgeable in their field, and able to communicate technical concepts in plain English.


We will base our business relationship with you on trust. We will keep your trade secrets and client information secret. We will maintain the highest level of security when working with your data to keep it secure and safe from any loss.


We will always offer current technology solutions ensuring you are ahead of your competition. We will employ creative ideas that make our custom solutions go the distance to reach your clients.

Customer Satisfaction

You can always expect to be satisfied with our work or service guaranteed.


We will always be committed to protecting the environment and giving back to our community.

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