Top 5 SEO Tips 2015

The SEO landscape in 2015 is significantly different than even a few years ago. The techniques needed to be successful in SEO are increasingly becoming factors that are not directly in the hands of webmasters. Now there are many more factors that influence a page’s ranking than ever before. It is an exciting time to witness all the amazing changes taking place on the internet. Here are five of the most important SEO tips to focus on in 2015.

1. Refocus Webpage Content

In 2015 webpage content has become the most important factor in SEO rankings. There has been a clear shift over the past few years from the power of “keywords” to the power of “content.” Major search engines are now looking for unique dynamic useful content. This means that filling your website with a high volume of specific keywords will only get you so far. Google, for instance, is looking for content that is natural and easy to read. They want webpages that have variations or synonyms of a related search term instead of websites that have unnaturally high numbers of a specific search term.

The idea here is to reward website that have content that people actually want to read. Not websites that are manipulating an algorithm. If you are guilty of “keyword stuffing” it is time to rethink your strategy. Webpages should be crafted in a way that the presents the content naturally. People should find content on your site that is related to what they are actually searching for.

2. Earn Links to Your Site (Backlinks)

altruetech web designQuality links to your site may never go away, but there are a lot of changes in 2015. Google and the Bing/Yahoo network still use backlinks as a major factor in judging the authority and authenticity of a site. It is vitally important to build good links to your site to increase your search rankings.

There are some links that are useless for SEO, and others that could even cause a penalty. Google wants links to be developed organically. They have discounted many of the sites and techniques that SEO’s can implement on their own. The best way to build links to your site is to create content that other people will link to naturally.

3. Consistent Name Address Phone (NAP)

Your online business information is becoming more and more important. Specifically, search engines are looking for consistency in name, address, and phone information. Your NAP needs to be consistent with your respective listings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The theory behind this is that the more consistent your NAP listings, the more reputable your company is. Make sure all your local listings, social media, and directory listings are exactly the same.

4. Leverage Reviews Sites

Yelp ReviewsReview sites such as Yelp and Google+ are now being included as a serious ranking factor by the major search engines. Review sites by themselves are powerful marketing tools that can generate a lot of organic traffic. They are now being included in search engine results. This means when someone searches for your site they will see your review site rankings as well. In some of the recent updates to the Google search algorithm, many sites have dropped their ranking position due to a lack of reviews compared to the competition. Building your Reviews organically and naturally is one thing that SEO’s cannot do directly. Business owners need to take reviews very seriously. Let your customers know you are on Yelp and Google+. Tell them you would appreciate a review!

5. Implement Social Media Linking

Google Plus ReviewsLeveraging social media properly is another huge factor in 2015. Now it is taking a more prominent roll in the search engine ranking world. Most websites today are not properly linked to their respective social media sites. Just having a link to your site will not provide any significant impact on your SEO rankings. You site needs to be linked with scripts from the social media sites.

Social sharing is a new strategy that will produce an exponential effect on your website over time. By enabling the proper social media linking, visitors will be able to share links on their social pages which will in turn drive more traffic to your site. It will also help you generate reviews and comments which can be searched either on the major search engines or the respective social sites.

In closing, the SEO playing field is constantly changing. Each change makes our experience of using the internet a little bit better. Website need to be constantly maintained and tweak to keep up with the constant metamorphosis of the internet. Do not neglect your web presence today because tomorrow it could be totally different.